Bubble Football

  • This new style of football has taken the world by storm. It’s a 5-a-side football match with a difference, the difference being you are strapped inside a Zorb ball. The aim is to still score as many goals as possible to win the game, with the added fun of safely wiping your friends out, but don’t get wiped out yourself!
  • We can do 3, 4, 5 or aside games, for 15 people or more we can arrange tailor made tournaments.
  • We offer the full experience which includes one or two members of staff for the whole event to carry out inductions and health and safety briefings, referee, score and timekeeping, assistant (to help you onto your feet if needed), video/cameraman to capture the fun for you and friends to laugh at later.

Bubble Sumo

  • We have all seen sumo wrestling, this is along the same lines, you are strapped into your zorb ball and its 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2. The objective is to bump your opponent(s) out of the designated area. The last man/team left standing inside the designated area wins that round, the first man/team to win 3 rounds is declared the winner.
  • Our staff will referee the matches, and be there to take photos and videos.


  • Again another schoolyard classic, with everyone in a Zorb ball, one person starts as "it" and to tag someone you must bump them over then they become "it", when they get back on their feet they must bump someone else over to make them "it", for everybody else the idea is to avoid becoming it, even if you have to bump someone else into "it's" path to save yourself.
  • Our staff would supervise the game to determine a correct tag, so you have a fair and enjoyable game, we will also take photos/videos for you to remember this remarkable experience.

British Bulldog

  • Same rules as the old classic schoolyard game, which is one person starts in the middle with everyone else at one end of the hall, all suited up in your Zorb balls, the aim is to get safely to the other end of the hall without being bumped of your feet, if you do get bumped off your feet you join the person in the middle, repeat again and again until your left with one person THE WINNER!
  • Our staff will supervise the game to make sure it’s played safely and fairly, we will also offer to take photos and videos for you to remember the fantastic experience.



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